Viajes, …   Retazos de sueños, pedazos de vida que empapan  mi retina y que aquí comparto.

no se han encontrado imágenes

no se han encontrado imágenes


4 Comments on “Viajes

  1. My internet server runs as slow as a tortoise. So, the first time I visited this page, I saw nothing!!!

    Today, I am here again. Finally, I saw all the beautiful pictures and amazing scene.

    Travelling really is the best thing in life. I especially like to travel with a bike. It makes you closer to the nature, to feel the wind, the sunshine, the fresh smell …

    I know the feeling «free» when travelling by bike alone. On the other hand, it makes two persons closer to travel by a bike…

    Angel, you are a lucky man! You are doing the thing I wanted to do, but can’t do right now.

    So, next time you go travelling with your bike, take more pictures for me!!! ^_^

    1. It’s a pleasure to have your words here. Really it’s a pleasure to have you. 😀

      Yes Lucy, traveling riding a bike it’s a big pleasure. I like to feel nature closer and surrounding me. Yes, colors, smells, … I remember two years ago when we ride through endless lavender fields, and we feel like surfing on a purple sea, floating by very good smells.

      That’s what I like to feel, and that’s what I like to share with someone, but that’s not easy. At least, I still have not found it.

      If you enjoy riding a bike it’s never late to ride, but I know we have lots of things to do and our busy day by day is not easy to face.

      So anyway you can be sure I’ll share with you lots of wonderful pics I’ll take for you.

      A very big kiss 😀

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